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Voodoo Herbs, Bath Salts, Powders, etc

Voodoo Herbs for luck, herbs for health & herbs for cooking / salts for spiritual ritual baths and much more!

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Voodoo Herbs

Black Salt 1oz


This powerful ritual component is of great use in removing jinxes and keeping away evil forces or bad neighbors. Sprinkle it in the area you desire to protect or in ritual circles to empower your magick, or blend small amounts with ink to increase the potency of your magickal seals.

Voodoo Herbs

Sage Smudge Stick


Smudging is an important purification ritual in many different cultures and traditions. This Sage smudge stick is one of a wide variety of different smudges we have in stock for all your ritual needs.

Easy to use and durable, these smudge sticks will last for months of use if properly put out each time. The sage is in a thick, 5" long bundle.

Voodoo Herbs

Mugwort 1 oz


Known as well as common wormwood, Artemisia Vulgaris, felon herb, chrysanthemum weed, wild wormwood, Old Uncle Henry, Sailor's Tobacco, Old Man, and St John's Plant, Mugwort is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and has become an invasive weed in North America. Its leaves have have long been used as a flavoring agent to season fat, meat, or fish, and is perhaps most famously known for seasoning Goose in Germanic traditions. In Japan and Korea it is also known for being used to color festive rice cakes, and is a common seasoning within Korean soups and pancakes. It should be noted that Mugwort can be a hallucinogenic, but when cooked those properties are neutralized.

In the mid-ages Mugwort was part of a herbal mix called Gruit, which was used to flavor beer before the widespread use of hops, likely resulting in hallucination as well as inebriation! In ancient and medieval times Mugwort was also used for its magical properties, where it was seen as a protective herb that could dispel fatigue and protect a traveler from evil spirits and wild animals. Indeed, it was included in the 10th century "Nine Herb Charm" that is said to ward off poison and illness. It is also supiced to be a potent aid in lucid dreaming, astral travel, and otherwise increasing the intensity of dreams, as well as the ability to control and remember them.

In Ayurveda medicine in India, Mugwort is also used for cardiac complaints, feelings of unease, and general malaise. Within Chinese medicine, it is pulverized and aged into a form called Moxa. In this form it has shown a great deal of aid in positioning fetuses that are in breech positioning. Moxa and acupuncture has also been shown to slow fetal heart rates while increasing fetal movement. Moxa has also been shown however to possibly cause uterine contractions.

This is a 1 oz packet of cut Mugwort.

Voodoo Herbs

Lavender Flowers 1 oz


Lavender flowers are often used for spells of love and healing as well as to seek inner peace, or work spells of prosperity and protection.

Voodoo herbs, salts & ritual supplies